Good sleep leads to a better life, and we exist to offer products and accessories that help our customers sleep better. Traditional mattresses fail to offer the level of comfort today’s lifestyle demands, and the new mattresses in a box are not reasonably priced. Our aim is to bridge this gap and offer mattresses and other products that offer a premium level of comfort at a fraction of the cost of a traditional mattress. Our idea is simple – offer the best product with a world-class customer experience, which is hassle and stress-free.


Creating and delivering world-class customer experience isn’t easy. It takes a lot more than hard work and dedication. It needs inspiration. Innovation, responsibility, integrity, and culture are driving us here at Sleepypanda to be better every day.


Sleepypanda is here to change the business of mattress, and we believe innovation enables the changes we want to see and experience. In our endeavor to deliver 100% customer satisfaction, we are looking at ways to map your requirements and preferences to the way mattresses are designed and manufactured, and not just offer you any mattress.


Sleepypanda aims to develop and instill a culture of excellence across all its verticals. Culture enables all initiatives, it helps us deliver on all our objectives, it inspires us to evolve and be better with every passing day. At Sleepypanda, we believe a culture of excellence will help us deliver a world-class customer experience to you.


A world-class customer experience is our commitment, and we take all our promises very seriously, be it the 100-night trial or 10-year warranty. We believe integrity brings us closer to our customers, makes us trustworthy, and that is what we aim to be!

Meet Our Managing Director

Mr. Veerendra Koujalagi, Managing Director of Sleepypanda Comforts Pvt. Ltd., is a third-generation entrepreneur. He owns businesses in real estate, engineering, valves manufacturing, high-tensile fastener manufacturing, M sand manufacturing, and exports business.

Over the years, he has added renewable energy to the list of businesses he owns. A native of Gokak in Northern Karnataka, Mr. Koujalagi studied Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Business Administration from Belgaum before he began his entrepreneurial journey. He dreams of creating and promoting businesses that help India grow and prosper.

For Mr. Koujalagi, Sleepypanda was a business that was waiting to happen. He is an avid yoga practitioner who frequently participates in cycling marathons. He has been promoting a healthy lifestyle through various small and big initiatives. In India, Mr. Koujalagi says, people often overlook the significance of good sleep and rest. “Many people attribute it to a premium lifestyle, and this attitude has to change,” he says. It is with this vision that Mr. Koujalagi decided to promote Sleepypanda, which is here to make premium quality mattresses and sleeping accessories available to the people of India at a reasonable price.

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