Bed Sizes in Feet: Suitable for Every Bed Size In India

For a healthy lifestyle, you should ideally be sleeping for about 8 hours every night. This means you should be spending 8 out of every 24 hours on your bed. That’s 2920 hours or approximately one-third of the year you spend with your mattress. Still wondering whether spending time selecting a mattress size is important – of course, it is!

When you decorate your bedroom, it’s not just the furniture style that matters, you need to pay attention to the full size bed dimensions in feet. The wrong mattress can have a devastating effect on your sleep. If the bed size in feet is too big, it’ll hang over the sides of the bed and when you turn over, you may just roll off the bed! On the other hand, if it’s too small, you may feel cramped. Imagine not being able to stretch out fully just because of your mattress dimensions. 

Many people make the mistake of using two single mattresses on a double bed instead of a single mattress sized to match the bed frame size. If you do so, you might find a ridge developing in the center that becomes the no-sleep zone. That said, mattress sizes in feet aren’t categorized only as single and double.

If you want to order mattresses online, you’ve probably found yourself searching for mattress size charts in feet with price in India. While the retailer will  probably list the king size bed dimensions and queen size bed dimensions quite clearly you need to understand the difference between them and be able to ascertain what’s best for your room before you ‘add to cart’. Almost all mattress retailers accept returns as long as they are within a certain time period. It might make you think- ‘ if I don’t pick the right mattress sizes in feet, I can just return it and order another one.’ 

But, do you want to go through that experience – the frustration of opening the mattress, finding out that it doesn’t fit, repacking it , contacting customer care, setting up a return pickup, reordering another piece…. Half the fun of buying a new mattress gets lost along the way.

So, how do you choose the right mattress size?

When it comes to mattress sizes, full size bed dimensions in feet must match the mattress size. There are three dimensions to consider – the length, width and thickness. If you shop online, you will find that most mattress websites have a mattress size chart in feet / inch / mm / cm with price in India. Typically the length of all the mattresses is standardized. The width is what matters most when categorizing mattresses as single, double, queen, king and so on. Of course, if you are taller than most of your friends, you will have to pay special attention to the length as well.

Is mattress thickness important?

When you look at dimensions for a Queen size mattress in feet or a King size mattress in inches, you will find only the length and width. This is because irrespective of the bed sizes in feet, all mattresses are available in varying thickness. The thickness plays a key role in determining the comfort offered by a mattress. 

How to measure a bed for the mattress size In India?


You need just one tool to measure your full size bed dimensions in feet – a measuring tape. Many beds have a slight lip on the sides to hold the mattress in place. You must measure the width between the inner edges of these side lips. In most cases, when you’re buying a bed, the bed sizes in feet refer to the mattress size.

When it comes to getting the correct thickness, you need to first measure the height of the mattress base from the floor. Ideally, the height of the mattress top should be 25” from the floor. This is a convenient height to get in and out of bed. So, the ideal mattress thickness will be 25” minus the height of the mattress base from the floor. 

Let’s say the mattress base is 19” from the floor. In this case, ideally, your mattress should be 6” thick. In terms of queen size mattress dimensions, it would be expressed as 60” x 72” x 6”. 

As long as you buy a good mattress from a reputable brand, a 6” thick mattress is perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Mattress categorization according to size

Mattresses are typically categorized on the basis of varying mattress width and length. On the basis of their mattress sizes in feet, they can be categorized as single, double, king and queen. Take a look at this bed size chart.


















King size Bed Dimensions In Feet / inches India 

If you’re looking for a luxurious look, look no further than a King size mattress on the bed size chart. King size mattress dimensions are typically as wide as they are long and offer plenty of space for two adults. The most common king mattress sizes are:

Size in feet

Size in inches

Size in cm

Size in mm

6’ x 6’

72” x 72”

184 x 184

1840 x 1840

6’x 6’3” 

72”x 75” 

184 x 190

1840 x 1900

6’ x 6’6”

72” x 78”

184 x 200

1840 x 2000

Like the queen sized mattress, the width of a king size mattress in cm is standardized but the length varies from 72” to 78” with the former being most popular. A king size mattress can also accommodate an infant or a small child along with two adults. 

If you choose a king size mattress dimension, your bedroom should be at least 11’ wide and 11’ long. This allows for sufficient walking space around the bed. 


  • Ideal for: master bedrooms or parents with infant children

Queen size Bed Dimensions In Feet / inches India

A double bed is not wide enough for two adults to sleep comfortably side-by-side. When it comes to adults, the choice is typically between a King and a Queen size mattress in cm. A Queen size mattress dimensions make it a great choice for compact master bedrooms. The most common Queen mattress sizes are:

Size in feet

Size in inches

Size in cm

Size in mm

5’ x 6’

60” x 72”

152 x 184

1520 x 1840

5’x 6’3” 

60”x 75” 

152 x 190

1520 x 1900

5’ x 6’6”

60” x 78”

152 x 200

1520 x 2000

It has the same length as seen in king size mattress dimensions but is around 1’ narrower. Queen beds are also a popular option for bedrooms in holiday homes that are used only occasionally and guest bedrooms. The length of these mattresses is usually standardized as 72” but, if you’re looking for a Queen bed for a tall person, you can find mattresses as long as 78” as well. 

Many young couples opt for Queen size mattress dimensions even if they have large bedrooms as this size frees up floor space and gives them enough room to create a cozy nook.


  • Ideal for: guest bedrooms and small master bedrooms

Double Mattress Dimensions In Feet / inches

As children grow older, they need more space to be able to sleep comfortably. Yet, putting a King or Queen size bed in their bedroom may mean compromising on play space. A double bed is the perfect solution. The most common double mattress sizes are:

Size in feet

Size in inches

Size in cm

Size in mm

4’ x 6’

48” x 72”

120 x 184

1200 x 1840

4’x 6’3” 

48”x 75” 

120 x 190

1200 x 1900

4’ x 6’6”

48” x 78”

120 x 200

1200 x 2000

A double size mattress in cm is wider than a single mattress yet not wide enough to be categorized as a Queen size mattress. Though they are categorized as double beds, these mattresses are usually comfortable only for a single adult. 


  • Ideal for: Teenage children 

Single Mattress Dimensions In Feet / inches

These mattresses are popular because they are easy to move around and versatile. The most common single mattress sizes are:

Size in feet

Size in inches

Size in cm

Size in mm

3’ x 6’

36” x 72”

90 x 184

900 x 1840

3’x 6’3” 

36”x 75” 

90 x 190

900 x 1900

3’ x 6’6”

36” x 78”

90 x 200

900 x 2000

As seen  in the above bed size chart, these mattresses are around 36” wide. In terms of length, a single mattress size in inches may measure 72”, 75” or 78”. The 72” long mattresses are most popular given that single mattresses are usually used in kid’s rooms.

Apart from children’s rooms, single mattresses are a popular choice for young working professionals who are renting a shared apartment or just setting up their first bachelor pads. 


  • Ideal for: Children or in a day room.

So, are you ready to find the perfect mattress for your bedroom? India

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