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Buying a mattress is one of the holiest and yet the most tiring experience of a person’s life. It is also one of the most tedious processes ever! Finding the right store, picking the perfect material, ensuring its return, guarantee, and warranty periods… and the list goes on. It is even harder to do so in Chennai with its vast availability of walk-in stores in areas like Koyambedu market or Kathiravan Colony and the oh-so-terrifying heat and not to mention the traffic.

How does one get their hallowed night’s sleep in the mattress that drifts them right off to dreamland without having to go through the horrors of the testing and the trying and the decision making? By shopping online for a mattress of course! Right from the comfort of your airconditioned homes.

Buy SleepyPanda Mattress online, an spen time chilling out on the beach instead of going from store to store

This is where SleepyPanda comes in! SleepyPanda offers a wide variety of the plushiest mattresses to choose from. Unlike walk-in mattress stores that have a plethora of mattresses that multiple people have tried (uh hello pandemic?), these mattresses are fresh from the prdouction line. All SleepyPanda products have their make, materials, and dimensions listed right under the product along with the reviews from the customers who have recently purchased the item you’ve been eyeing that helps you in deciding the perfect sleep companion.
The mattress you picked doesn’t match your requirements? No problem! Unlike other mattress stores, SleepyPanda offers its customers a 100 night trial period that lets you decide if the mattress suits your needs and gives you a good night’s sleep. Getting your ideal sleep has never been more realistic than this.

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Now that you’ve got your mattress, what about a mattress protector? A foamy pillow? The kind that sets you adrift as soon as your head hits it? SleepyPanda steps in again with its selection of accessories that can help you take your idea of the perfect sleep, and drive you right over its edge.
What really makes SleepyPanda the best place to purchase mattresses from in Chennai is the commitment they show towards their customers. We understand that wear and tear is a common part of a busy life in a city like Chennai. We offer a 10 year warranty period during which they replace or repair parts of the mattresses that have been worn out due to daily use.
The elimination of middlemen along with the free delivery from the factory, straight to you is the final straw that makes SleepyPanda one of the best places to buy a mattress or its accessories in 2021 in Chennai.
You get to skip the hassle of traveling to stores and then transporting your gigantic mattress home and you get to try the mattress from the comfort of your home. What more could anyone possibly want for a good night’s sleep? After all, a good night’s sleep leads to a better morning and an even better day to follow.

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