Mumbai is one of the busiest cities in India that always has something exciting happening around every corner. There is never a dull moment around. It is our desi version of New York City – the financial hub of India. A city full of cathartic activity along with the promises of hopes of great achievements and dreams for many. And the city lives up to these promises. Mumbai has the charisma that accepts anyone who wishes to live there. Anyone living in Mumbai can assure you that in order to get around and achieve your goals, there is a lot of hustle required. Hustling requires some serious energy and that’s where the concept of a good night’s sleep comes in. But the question arises as to what exactly is required in order to achieve so. Surely, running around from market to market and haggling with the shopkeepers can’t be the key to the perfect sleep. Mumbai is a huge city with the suburban railway running through it in hopes to connect all the loose ends. The vastness of the city has placed mattress shops, both local and brand outlets, in every corner and you’d be hard-pressed to go a kilometer or two without coming across any mattress store. The entire 446 square kilometres of the city consists of streets that are littered with shops of different kinds with their shopkeepers calling out promises of the best quality goods.

So what do you do in order to survive the daily grind and city hustle? You get a good night’s sleep to experience an energy high like no other. But how do you do that when the mundane task of buying a mattress in itself can be so taxing with little to no long-term benefits if brought from the wrong store?

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SleepyPanda also has yoga mats, pillows, mattress protectors, and cushions that are designed with the aim of giving you a comfortable sleep in mind. The products are manufactured to complement each other in giving you a good and comfortable sleep.

So get away from those pesky shops with their extremely persistent shopkeepers and head on over to SleepyPanda, your one-stop destination for all your sleep needs. Have your products delivered straight from the factory, right to your doorstep with minimal hassle leaving yourself and your family, ample time to enjoy the glorious city of Mumbai.