How to Be Productive Working From Home

Once upon a time, work from home was a luxury and was considered an employee benefit. With the outbreak of COVID-19, luxury turned into necessity and what was considered thrilling is now extremely taxing for many of us. Now that work from home is the new normal, and the one which is here to stay for the foreseeable future, we should explore ways to make it better and less tedious. So how do we do that?

The answer is we need to enhance our productivity. When you are productive, you are at your best! You are efficient, you channelize your energy in the right direction, and you are in command of your day-to-day life – and that’s precisely what we need. To secure and retain this command, here are some hacks that you will find useful.

Work From Home Tips

1) Find a sweet spot

When your home is an office too, you need to mark a space where it’s all about getting your business done. It may be a room or it may be a dedicated corner in any of your rooms. The idea is to filter the noise and focus on your prime objective that is work for a specified duration without any distraction.

2) Comfort is the cornerstone

If you have space, you can arrange a comfortable chair and table that are ergonomically designed for longer working hours. But if you don’t have the space or luxury, then worry not. Your bed is equally good, provided you have the right mattress and some accessories that can change your bed into a perfect workstation during the day. To begin with, try this laptop table and back support cushion.

3) Schedule is the key

You have to set a timeline on your working hours and communicate it to your colleagues so that people know about your availability. There is no harm in setting up boundaries and conveying it in advance. It allows you to focus on your family or your personal stuff outside working hours. Yes, you can leave some space for urgent calls outside work hours, but not for not-so urgent matters that can be handled the next day.

4) What’s life without a break?

To remain productive, you need to take a break at frequent intervals. This will help you step back and reenter with renewed focus. Remember, at home you are not traveling before and after work, and it is possible that you won’t see anyone outside your family for many days in a row. So just take a break and maybe glance through the beauty of the sky, notice the clouds passing by, or just look at those plants near your house, or do whatever you like but take a break.

5) Stretch your body but not your day

Stretching is a must. You may notice stiffness developing in your neck or shoulder over a period of time. This is not something you should ignore because that will limit your productivity over a period of time. You can just check out this video for some easy stretching exercises.

6) Music can aid your focus and attention span

You are sitting alone in that corner of your home when you are working. Without your colleagues around, it may not be the ideal set up for some of you. It’s here that soothing music gives you a company and helps you focus. Don’t believe us? Try Noisli, which helps you create a personal environment with background sounds of your choice. That mild background score can surely turbocharge your productivity even before you notice it.

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