Memory Foam Vs Spring Vs Coir Mattress Comparison

Memory Foam Vs Spring Vs Coir Mattress Comparison

A lot of you will have a confusion on how to buy mattresses online? Which type of mattress will be suitable for me? Why should I choose Memory Foam Mattresses Vs Spring Or Coir Mattresses. This blog will clear all your doubts and help you to choose the right mattress that is suitable for your requirement.

An Irish proverb says it best – “ A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything”.  Unfortunately, not everyone gets to enjoy a good sleep through the night. The biggest culprit – your mattress. The best mattress supports your body, cushions it and keeps you comfortable. There are many different types of mattresses available online. For now, let’s take a look at the three most popular categories – Memory Foam Mattresses, Spring Mattresses and Coir Mattresses

What is Memory Foam Mattress?

memory foam mattress

Memory Foam was originally developed for NASA and because of the many advantages offered, it was soon used to make commercial mattresses. These mattresses use a denser foam that offers optimal spinal support and even weight distribution. 

The mattress contours itself to your form and does not push up against your shoulders and hips. It also boasts of excellent motion isolation and needs minimal maintenance. Flipping once or twice a year is more than enough. What’s more, the mattresses can last up to a decade and thus offer maximum value for money. You should also note that the foam used for these mattresses is hypoallergenic. 

What is Spring Mattress?

spring mattress

Spring mattresses comprise layers of foam with coiled springs interspersed throughout the length and breadth. Some mattresses also contain latex. They’re available in a range of budgets ranging from affordable to luxury. Spring mattresses are an old style and hence people are familiar with them. 

However, old is not always gold. These mattresses cannot isolate motion and hence if two or more people are sleeping on the same mattress, even a slight movement can disturb the other person. They offer minimal spinal support and people sleeping on these mattresses often wake up with backaches. In terms of maintenance, the mattresses need to be flipped regularly.

What is Coir Mattress?

As the name suggests, these mattresses have coir or coconut fiber as the core material. It may be combined with other elements like wool or foam for support. Coir mattresses are eco-friendly and well-suited to people with latex allergies.

 The mattresses are usually quite firm. This can be advantageous or detrimental to back support. The firmness keeps your body from sinking into the mattress but it also limits the mattress’s ability to contour itself to your body and hence causes pain in the pressure points. A very hard coir mattress can also worsen back pain in some cases. These mattresses tend to sag and need to be replaced often. This can work out to be quite an expensive affair. 


Memory Foam Mattress

Spring Mattress

Coir Mattress

Mattress Life

+10 years

7 – 10 years

3 – 5 years


10 year

Conditional warranties

Average 1 year

Trial Period




Packaged Size

Compact: Delivered in a compressed roll

Large: Delivered flat

Large: Delivered flat

Suitable of sleeping styles

Firm with even weight distribution

Soft with minimal spinal support

Firm to hard mattress





On average, an adult needs about 8 hours of sleep every night. Choosing the right mattress will make it easier for you to fall asleep and ensure you wake up refreshed. So pay attention to the details and choose a mattress that prioritizes your comfort.

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