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Eco Friendly Yoga Mats – Banana Fibre


Organic Yoga Mats

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Organic Yoga Mats

Enhance your physical and spiritual healing through Yoga. The natural fibers of the banana stem are hand-loomed to make these eco friendly yoga mats. They have natural cooling properties. It gives the user a relaxing feel.

The texture is soft and silky. It is ideal for you to practice all your Yoga positions without your skin experiencing discomfort. They are also great for pooja ceremonies.

The mats also have a classy look. They give an elegant feel to your place.

The process of extracting these mats is intense. Women artisans are in the forefront, who beautifully handcraft the mats. 

This eco-friendly yoga mat is unique, if you sprinkle water on it, it retains the mat’s newness and makes it stronger.

Why choose Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats from SleepyPanda?

We prepare the yoga mats with our prime objective “Always embrace good health more”. We ensure the mats are always natural and eco-friendly to support a true yoga practitioner in his or her practice.

We aim to eliminate toxicity from our yoga mats.

We encourage and promote the use of natural elements.

We recognize the unmatched skills of local artisans, their hand-weaving makes the mats all the more beautiful.

Our organic yoga mats are a unique blend of traditional touch with a modern twist, with them you can enhance your physical and spiritual well-being.



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