Seven Perks of Buying Your Next Mattress Online

Seven Perks of Buying Your Next Mattress Online

Buying a mattress is always tricky, and buying it online is a choice people rarely opt for because a mattress is a long-term purchase. We buy a mattress from at least a 10-year perspective, and that is why we want to do all our research – online and offline – but preferably buy a mattress offline from the nearest store that looks familiar to us.

Our inclination toward an offline purchase, in this case, is based on the fact that a sales guy will answer all our queries, and with the freedom to inspect or examine a mattress in-store, we can make a better choice. If you believe an offline purchase helps you buy a mattress that meets all your requirements, then think again.

Buying a mattress online comes with its own set of advantages, and it certainly will help you make a choice that you don’t regret.

Sleepypanda Mattress

1) Premium quality at a lower price

Offline sellers charge a premium compared to online sellers because there are several middlemen involved who help them sell their products. It’s the cost of logistics, floor space, sales guys, etc. for whom you are paying that extra penny and not the quality of the mattress that you would otherwise believe. Companies like Sleepypanda who offer their mattresses online ship it to you directly from their distribution hubs, saving on floor space, sales guys, etc., and charge you for the quality of the mattress alone.

2) For a relaxed and hassle-free experience

When your next best mattress is just a click away, why would you chase it in the market? Online stores are open 24/7 and are accessible from wherever you are. So you don’t need to visit your nearest store within a specified time to buy a mattress. Just browse through the catalog online and make a choice.

3) Make use of the choices that you have

Offline stores may not have all variants in the store that you can try, and in fact, many will not even share the many options that are available out there now. Customization is yet another choice that many won’t offer. Come online, and you will find a world of mattresses that address the tiniest of your concerns in the best possible ways. And yes, they do allow customization! Check out Sleepypanda’s catalog to know more.

4) Other customers help you make a better choice

Imagine hundreds and thousands of customers telling you how good or bad a mattress is! You can’t expect this to happen offline. Can you? However, in the digital world, customers are rating their products and writing honest unbiased reviews to help you make a better choice. Why not take advantage of these reviews when they are just a click away.

5) Try it for 100 Nights and not just for 5 minutes

Sure, you can inspect and examine a mattress at your nearest store, but the store guy will give you five minutes at best to check a mattress. Do you believe a five-minutes test will help you decide a mattress that’s the best for you? What if you get a 100-Nights Trial in your home? Yes, 100 nights to use a mattress is what companies like Sleepypanda selling their mattresses online offer. Here’s how Sleepypanda’s 100-Night Trial works.

6) Say no to those pushy sales guys

Sales guys are not always as cooperative as you expect them to be. They just rush you through a myriad of options and consistently force you to make a choice at the earliest. An online purchase takes these sales guys out of your experience and lets you focus on the pros and cons of a mattress you are considering to buy.

7) Take your money back if you are not satisfied

Stores in the market may or may not take your mattress back with a complete refund of your money. Even if they do, you have to face all the hassle of arranging a return and then shipping it back to the store. But an online purchase from companies like Sleepypanda offers you a hassle-free experience. They accept returns, arrange a pickup, and offer you a full refund. Take a look at Sleepypanda return policy.

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